At Happening Brands, we understand the need of young individual and professional profile management for the need for genuine guidance to young professionals. Our online reputation audit will help you to understand your current online reputation, what people think about you and what people are saying about you online, and how your Google search reflects on your company. The audit will also evaluate your online content, PR, social media activity and identify key influencer in your market. Happening Brands provides utmost importance and care to profile management of individuals to increase their visibility and reach among relevant audience. For any high-profile individuals and companies, your online reputation is your most valuable asset. We at happening Brands help protect and create the reputation you have built and willing to build. We tailor our approach based on your needs and requirement.

How it Works

Reputation & Brand Analysis

A team of experts work to examine the reputation of you, its positioning in the market, and competition to choose the right campaign strategy.

Get a Plan Set

Get a long term plan set for your profile! Our consultants will help design a fool proof strategy and a deadline to help you accomplish the necessary goals that you have set. Utilize every existing online asset to enhance visibility and reach.

Online Review Clean Up

Working on a flood of negative criticism? Get in touch with our reputation management service. Happening Brands can erase negative or unflattering reviews to clean up your image online.

Watch, Learn and Evolve

We track your brand position, through the campaign planning to its results. Get every minute detail about developments in the campaign strategy. Our professionals are dynamic, proactive and will help evolve strategies that suit the changing nature of the playing field!