Market Research & Brand Identity Building


Market Research is a great way to find out how your customers think and how this, in turn, affects their behavior and attitudes. It can be split into two key types – quantitative and qualitative, both of which are highly effective and provide very different types of insight and information which helps us to carve a specific brand identity for your brand. According to our research, 80% of marketers believe building brand awareness is extremely or very important—but 76% admit that they don’t know what percentage of their target market is aware of their brand. This is where market research helps you identify the areas where your brand identity is falling behind. A brand identity is more than a logo. It’s more than a brand style guide. It’s an essential way to differentiate yourself from your competition. A brand identity influences your customers’ experience at every touch point. It subconsciously affects how they view everything from your industry, to your relevance, to your trustworthiness.
It is the sum total of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to them—the elements that help them decide if they want to engage with you.
For Brand Identity Design Projects, we at HappeningBrands undertake a comprehensive and customized identity development exercise. It is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business as well as for existing small brands and businesses looking to redefine or work on their brand identity to stay relevant in an increasingly complex and changing business environment. We understand the need of market research and brand identity building in your business and are committed to carve a special brand identity for you brand.